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A design in Yarn Forward

One of the projects I worked on earlier this summer is this little tee that is in the November 2009 (No. 18) Yarn Forward magazine.  I called it A Tee for All Occasions because it seems like something you can dress up or down and wear all year round.  The tee is knit from the top down in one piece.  There is absolutely no sewing beyond weaving in ends.  Seriously!  The ribbing is a lacy little number — very easy to work.  The sample is knit in Rowan Calmer, which is a delightfully sproingy cotton blend — it doesn’t seem like knitting with cotton at all.  The fit is intended to be close, but knit a size with a little more ease, and you’ve got a great layering piece.

A Tee for All Occasions

A Tee for All Occasions -- photo copyright St Range Photography

The magazine is available in digital form now will be available on newstands starting Sept. 15, 2009.  The pattern will be available on its own some time in spring 2010.


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  1. * Msrilynne says:

    Where can I get the pattern for The Tee for All Seasons? I didn’t see how to order from Yarn Forward Magazine.



    | Reply Posted 6 years, 9 months ago

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