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A baby shower for a good friend

Sorry to drop out of sight for a few days.  As usual, being too busy is my excuse, but I am here now to tell you about what I was busy with this time!

If you know Kristi, you know that she is expecting a baby.

Kristi and Baby G

Kristi and Baby G

Being one of my best friends, it is only reasonable to guess that I would throw her a baby shower.  Saturday was the big day.  Friends and family descended upon my house for the celebration.  We were especially lucky to have some of the Bobaknitters — Cookie, Abigail, Freecia, Jeni, and Becky — join us from California and other locales.  I knew Cookie already, but it was so fun to meet the others in person, too.  There were lots of local folks, too — Judy, Dani, Amy, and so on.  (I’m not listing everyone — there were lots of people — but I did want to include some of the folks who might blog about the shindig.)

Helen and Cookie

Helen and Cookie

There was lots of food…



And gifts…

Thanks, Cookie!

Thanks, Cookie!

And fun in general…

Why is it that everyone always congregates in the kitchen?

Why is it that everyone always congregates in the kitchen?

Congratulations family G!  We wish you all the best in this baby endeavor!

P.S.  There will be more on at least one knitted gift in the next few days…


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  1. * Teenuh says:

    I so wish I could have been there! But Miss Isabella was just too small to travel still (but holy cow, she’s already a month old!). What a fun shower, I am sad I had to miss it!!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 8 months ago

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