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For our anniversary this year, my husband got me a pretty cool and unusual gift.  He signed me up for a children’s book writing class through the continuing education department at the University of Colorado.  The workshop is taught by Kerry Lee MacLean, who is a local Boulder author.  In fact, autographed copies of some of her books (Pigs Over Colorado and Pigs Over Denver) came home with me as gifts for Boo.  Let’s just say these books are being thoroughly enjoyed and eliciting lots of giggles.

Anyway, back to the class.  The day was spent talking about how to write for children, how to illustrate for children, how to go about publishing (self-publishing vs. finding a publisher), what kind of pay to expect, and sharing book ideas.  The reason that I was interested in this particular workshop is that when Forden died in January, I started writing extensive journal entries about how she touched our lives — partly for me, partly because I wanted to share the thoughts with Boo and my nephew eventually.  I realized that there were a lot of very amusing stories to tell, and that other children might enjoy hearing them, too.

It was a great day, and my mind is racing with ideas.  So, yeah.  I plan to branch out from writing about knitting and try my hand at writing a children’s book or two here in the near future.

Forden Getting Her Beauty Sleep

Forden Getting Her Beauty Sleep


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