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Meet Matilde (Otherwise known as another sock design for

It’s luxury sock club kit time again!  Judy and I put our heads together to try to come up with a yarn that would be fun and different for customers.  We decided on Ivy Brambles Sockscene Fingering Weight yarn.  I hadn’t used this yarn before.  It is a 100% merino base — super soft.  The color wasn’t quite what we expected (much lighter and less blue), but, boy, am I happy with the end result.  The color appears quite solid in the skein, but as you knit the yarn up, the subtle variations start to appear, adding a nice depth to the knitted fabric.  So pretty!

The sock pattern itself is called Matilde.  It is knit from the top down.  I’d say the pattern is probably an intermediate level.  It is not too difficult, but you have to pay a bit of attention.  I have provided instructions for 3 sizes.

Matilde from the front

Matilde from the front

The pattern, presented in chart format, is a twisted stitch/lace combination that flows out of a twisted stitch ribbing.  The motif is carried down into the heel flap and along the instep.  I just love how the motif cups the heel!

Matilde from the back

Matilde from the back

Currently, this pattern is only available through Judy’s luxury sock club.  It will be widely available in April 2010.


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