Nutty Creations

Pink Dandelion Yarns Update

In between that whole Kristi-having-a-baby and my normal chaotic life, Kristi and I have managed to get another batch of yarn dyed, reskeined, and label.  And it is now listed for sale on the etsy site!  Go check it out.  I love the colors in this batch.  Here are a few of my favorites.

This is Red Dirt Girl in Nylon Sock.

Red Dirt Girl Nylon Sock

And Swamp Thing in Sock.

Swamp Thing Sock

And in the spirit of the holidays, Snow Miser in Merino Lace.  (Come on…  You have all seen “Year Without a Santa Claus”.  Right?)

Snow Miser Merino Lace

Hopefully I can get back on track with some regular blogging.  I have a Boris update, the rest of my yarnie birthday gifts, some new pattern stuff to share, some yarn to destash, and lots of other stuff!  How did I get so behind?!


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