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60 Quick Knits

Last summer I designed a couple of scarves using Cascade 220 for a book from Soho Publishing called 60 Quick Knits: 20 Hats, 20 Scarves, 20 Mittens in Cascade 220.  The book is hitting the shelves at soon, so it is time to share these projects with you!  And for the record, if you did not already know, I love Cascade 220.  It is probably my favorite all purpose yarn.

Let’s see…  The first project is this fun scarf.  I referred to it as the “Wavy Scarf”, but, having not yet seen the book, I am not sure what name is actually used.  While this scarf looks terribly complex, it is really quite simple.  The pattern is basically a 1×1 ribbing that takes advantage of increases and decreases to create a waving fabric.  It is a great canvas for handpainted yarns, as the fabric moves in interesting directions.  (In fact, the sample uses the Cascade 220 Paints.)

Wavy Scarf

The second project is more of a classic.  It is a cabled scarf that, depending on the color used, is really very unisex.  The pattern is based on a  cabled scarf that I did years ago as a teaching project, but I made some improvements this go around.  My very awesome sister, Laura, knit this sample for me on short notice.  She did a super nice job!  I love the cable motif so much, I see its use in a bigger project some time in the future…

Cabled Scarf

Oh, and what’s that?  Yep.  I got a cover shot.  Again.  Woot!  I even specifically got mentioned as a “noted knitwear designer” in the publicity materials!

60 Quick Knits

Note that all photos are used with permission from: 60 Quick Knits: 20 Hats, 20 Scarves, 20 Mittens in Cascade 220 Photos by Jack Deutsch


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  1. * Kristi says:

    Cool! I also love Cascade 220 and can’t wait to see the book and try your designs.


    | Reply Posted 8 years, 4 months ago

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