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Something other than socks!

I know that when I unveil new patterns here, the projects are frequently socks.  (Guess what?  There are several more socks coming over the next few months, too!)  This time, though, I have a shawlette pattern.  And I am feeling the shawlette love.  I think you will be seeing several more soon.

Please welcome the War of the Roses Shawlette.  (I really wanted to call it “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden,” but that is just too unwieldy.)

War Of The Roses Back

This shawlette is the result of what I hope is the first of many collaborations with Lisa at Wabi Sabi Yarns.  It is knit in Tallulah, a fingering weight merino yarn, in the Orchard colorway.  I adore this colorway!  It is variegated, but muted at the same time, so pattern stitches still show up.

You will not believe how quickly this project flies off the needles.  Seriously.  The shawl is garter stitch with a rose lace border and a leafy knitted on edging.  And it is offered in two sizes, the smallest requiring just under 400 yards of fingering weight yarn.  Perfect to use up sock yarn.

War Of The Roses Front


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