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May Flowers

It is time to reveal another sock design.  This time we will focus on the Loopy Ewe’s sock club.  The theme, if you will, of the May sock club mailing is Celebrate Summer!  Sheri sent me some delightfully cheerful Fleece Artist BFL Sock yarn to use for the design.  All I could think of (to the point of obsession) when I saw this yarn was panels of lace flowers.  This colorway is all about sunny skies, bright flowers, and green grass in my mind.  I also knew that the yarn came in a skein on the shorter end of the sock yardage spectrum.  Hmmm…  A plan for a toe up floral themed sock was beginning to form.  After all, who can resist May Flowers?

May Flowers Side View

The May Flowers socks are knit from the toe up (fully explained in the pattern — no previous toe up experience required).  They start with a little lacy leaf motif on the instep, then bloom into a lace tulip up the leg.  The cuff is garter stitch knitted on side to side.  I love the way it naturally stripes.

May Flowers Front View

This pattern is available exclusively to members of the Loopy Ewe Sock Club.  I do know, though, that Sheri will make the pattern available for sale at The Loopy Ewe in about 6 months.


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  1. * Sarah says:

    Lovely colors!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 1 month ago

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