Nutty Creations

The Moxie Soxies

Cherry Tree Hill Yarn is looking for designs using their new Fingerpaints sock yarn.  Naturally, I had to send them something, as I am a big fan of the Cherry Tree Hill sock yarns, and I have been known to knit a sock or two.  The Moxie Soxies are what came to mind.

The Fingerpaints yarns are self-striping, so I wanted to come up with something that worked well with stripes.  That means the stripes can’t overwhelm the pattern and the pattern can’t overwhelm the stripes.  I love this simple little lace motif.  It just ever-so-slightly bends the stripes, and it looks pretty cool where the stockinette and lace meet along the diagonal on the foot.

Moxie Soxie

This pattern is knit from the cuff down.  The lace pattern is very simple and easy to memorize  (which means quick to knit).  The instep patterning is chart.  The socks are written up in 4 sizes.  I am a little sad this pair has gone to live at Cherry Tree Hill.  I think I am going to have to knit up a pair for me.

Oh yes.  If you want to purchase the pattern, I believe it will be available through Patternfish in the next week or so.  You can also check out the Cherry Tree Hill Yarn website.


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