Nutty Creations

Berry Picking Socks

We all know I love doing sock designs.  This time it is the July Sock of the Month club design for  Judy provided me with a skein of Kertzer On Your Toes Bamboo.  I had never seen this sock yarn before…  It is a sport weight sock yarn with no wool content whats so ever.  With the yarn’s bright purple color, and it being the middle of summer, I kept thinking about berries.  I was also wondering how well a non-wool sock would stay up on the leg.  I came across a neat basket weave ribbing, and I immediately thought of a basket of berries.

The Berry Picking Socks are knit from the top down.  The leg is composed of a basket weave ribbing that runs into the heel flap and gives the socks a snug, but elastic, fit.  The foot is sprinkled with a lacy little eyelet berry motif.  The yarn is heavier, which means the socks fly off the needles in no time, but it still has a nice summery feel.

This pattern is currently only available through  It will be available to the general public this fall.


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