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Check Mate!

I am back with pictures even!

The project I think I will tell you about this evening are my Check Mate Socks.  This is the design for the November shipment of‘s sock of the month club.  The yarn is Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine.  It is not your standard sock yarn — it has a lot of the fuzzy, softer appearance of an alpaca yarn, but the wool and nylon in it make it quite sturdy.

The socks are knit from the top down starting with a twisted ribbing.  The main motif is a checkerboard pattern, made up of twisted ribbing and seed stitch.  The pattern tapers off at random intervals on the instep, then picks up again as bits of confetti.  There is no need for the two socks to match, or for the knitter to even follow the suggested chart.  The intent is to have something with just the slightest bit of whimsy!  Perhaps the best part?  After knitting up the sock, I realized that it would work well as a unisex pattern.

I think the picture above captures the texture nicely…

One last thing.  This pattern is currently only available as part of the November sock of the month kit.  I will make the pattern available to all in February 2011.


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  1. * StatenIslandSusan says:

    That’s gorgeous! I have always loved theknitter’s sock club but it’s probably been close to 10 years since I was in it; looks like it’s time to revisit Judy for 2011 if you’ll be designing such gorgeous socks! Is it wrong to wish it was already Feb 2011 so I could get that pattern now?

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 6 months ago

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