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New patterns from Three Irish Girls!

If you are a knitter and aren’t familiar with Three Irish Girls, you are missing out!  I had the great pleasure of working with Sharon recently on a couple of designs for her, which you can see in the latest lookbook.

Since I want to share lots of pictures (all credited to Three Irish Girls), I’ll tell you about the Flower Shower Socks in this post.  These socks are knit from the top down in the McClellan Fingering Weight yarn.  The colorway is McNamara, and, as a green lover, I am in love.

The socks start with a basic ribbing that is banded with garter stitch.  The ribbing continues down the leg, heel flap, and foot interspersed with little lace flowers.

The flowers randomly transition back into ribbing again before the stockinette stitch toe.  These socks are a great introduction to lace knitting with the easy-to-memorize motif.

Hope you all enjoy the pattern!  And tomorrow I will tell you about the new sweater design…



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  1. * Anne says:

    Egads. I can barely keep up with READING about your designs – I can only imagine how busy you are at your end DESIGNING your designs. 🙂 Another lovely one.

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 6 months ago

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