Nutty Creations

Tempt Me Not

Next on the list of new designs (and it really is a list!) to show you is one from Woolgirl’s Embrace the Lace Temptress kit.  This is the Tempt Me Not Stole.

It is knit in two pieces, which are grafted together at the end.

Each piece starts with a lace edging.  From there, stitches are picked up, and the main portion of the body is knit.

I’ve written the pattern up in 3 sizes — from a narrower, more scarf-like stole to a wider, more traditional stole.  Currently, the pattern is only available in the Temptress kits.  I will make it available as a standalone pattern later this year.

Oh yeah.  I did the yarn for this one, too!

Pink Dandelion Yarns Merino Lace in the Black Cherry colorway.  I am very pleased with the way the yarn turned out.  It was just as I had envisioned.  Like the pattern, the colorway is a club exclusive for the time being.  I’ll let you know when I make it available to everyone.


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