Nutty Creations

Falling Water Socks

Long ago I knit myself a pair of socks — a very basic lace pattern with pleasing results.  I had always meant to to share the pattern, but never quite got around to writing it up in a formal format.  Then I decided it would be nice if the sample socks were knit in a lighter weight yarn.  (My originals were knit up in Mountain Colors Bearfoot — awesome yarn, but sometimes a little heavy to wear with shoes.)  Well, that postponed the unveiling even longer.  So finally, Amy came to my rescue and offered to knit up a new pair for me.  Yay, Amy!

After, oh I don’t know, 10 years?  The Falling Water Socks are ready to share!  These socks are knit from the top down using a simple eyelet ribbing and a basic lace motif.  Perfect socks for the knitter who has knit a plain sock before and is ready for something a little fancier, or for the more experienced knitter looking for a fun, fast sock project.

This pair is knit up in Fleece Artist 2/6 Merino (Periwinkle colorway), a beautiful and affordable sock yarn.  The lace motif adds stitches over a few rounds that are decreased out again later.  This means the fabric is super elastic, and you will almost certainly want to knit one size smaller than usual.  In fact, Amy’s sample socks are just a smidge big for her, which meant new socks for me.  Thanks, Amy!

Hope you enjoy knitting these!



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