Nutty Creations

Pilaster Socks

At the rate I am getting through telling you all about projects, I have blog fodder for the next 72 years!  So, today, let’s step back a few weeks to when the newest issue of SpinKnit was released by Interweave Press.  SpinKnit is a beautiful emag edited by my friend, Anne Merrow.  (Seriously, it is really pretty.  I was quite impressed when I received my copy.)  When Anne was putting together this issue, she needed a toe up sock pattern created for some nice autumn-colored handspun Polworth she had made.  And so the Pilaster Socks came about.

In my mind, handspun should be the focal point when it is knit up.  However, you don’t just necessarily want plain stockinette stitch either.  I love these little staggered cable ribs topped with a ribbing cornice.  The handspun gets to shine, but the knitting itself is interesting, too.  The socks are knit from the toe up with a short row heel.  The pattern spells out exactly how it all works.

I wanted to include this screen shot from the magazine, too, so you can all get a peek at just how nicely the whole thing is put together.  All images belong to Interweave Press.



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