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Is it really the end of September?

Well, then, let’s talk Ice Cube Socks.  After all, since it is now fall (can’t tell from the weather around here!), it is time to think about knitting socks, right?  A couple weeks ago, my friend Dani of Sunshine Yarns and I came up with an exclusive little kit — my Ice Cube Socks pattern paired with either her Luxury Sock or her Classic yarn.  (You can’t go wrong with either choice, but the Luxury Sock?  I am a little in love with it.)

These socks are a wonderfully unisex design offered in several sizes.  They are knit from the cuff down with a fun ribbing that transitions into an ice cube pattern down the leg and instep.  The heel flap has a little something going on, too.

I like to think that the pattern is simple enough in appearance to please those picky recipients, but has enough interest to entertain us knitters.  I knit the sample pair in Sunshine Yarns Luxury Sock (Arctic colorway), then gifted them to my sister Laura because she deserved a new pair of socks.  I am pondering what color I will pull out of my stash to make a pair for me!

The pattern is currently available only as part of the kits Dani is offering.  I will start selling the pattern on its own in another month or so.

Next on tap…  A new design in the Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts issue, a new design in the latest Knit Simple, two previously published designs in the Best of Knitscene, and a bit on the Tour de Sock.  Yep.  Keeping busy!



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