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I wish I had a better picture…

It is kind of old news, but the holiday issue of Interweave Knits is out!  The holiday issue is always lots of fun — tons of projects ranging from toys to accessories to garments to home decor.  I was lucky enough to have my Wattle and Daub afghan included in the mix.

Sadly, I only have this little picture (copyright Interweave Press) from Interweave’s site to share with you — I wish I had some thing larger.  This is a super fun to knit pinwheel pattern.  Each square is knit individually and seamed, which really doesn’t take long.  You see, garter stitch goes together like a dream.  The border is picked up and knit on last.  Instructions are included from baby blanket to full sized blanket.  There is at least one project on ravelry that is using a single main color, then switching between multiple contrasting colors.  It is rather stunning.

Go grab yourself a copy of this issue and get knitting!

(And, really, I promise.  I will tell you about something in Knit Simple later this week.)



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