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Continuing to work backwards…

Bear with me.  I am so behind on unveiling designs it is a little embarrassing.  And I started to write this post 2 weeks ago.  Sigh.

Today I will continue to step backward to the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Knit Simple Magazine.  I did this little lacy scarf for that issue.

It is knit up in Cascade Pima Cotton, which is a treat to work with.  A lot of times, cotton yarns feel stringy and hard on the hands.  I didn’t find that to be true of this yarn at all.  I may even have a sweater planned using it for this summer…  I also love this lace pattern.  It is very geometric, and I can envision it in all sorts of yarns and projects.

We’ll continue to step backwards through designs in the next day or so.  Promise!



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  1. I’m trying to do your Brindle pullover. I ordered Voodoo from Creatively Dyed Yarn website (Dianne Lutz in So.Car.), and got some yarn that looks and acts like cotton candy – totally unusable. It’s Merino, Bamboo and Seacell. Wonder what other yarn you might recommend that is sane.
    Thanks, LSG

    | Reply Posted 6 years ago

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