Nutty Creations

A Sock Sniper Pattern

I meant to post this on September 1, but, as tends to happen to me, time flew by.  However, it is still relevant!

A little while ago, I talked about doing a pattern for the Tour-de-Sock.  Sarah runs a second sock knitting competition called Sock Sniper that also raises money for Doctors Without Borders.  You know what that means, don’t you?  It means I did another pattern to donate to the competition of course!

These are the Moss Rock Socks.  Both the fancy cuff and the honeycomb-style cable pattern down the side are worked without a cable needle and surprisingly easy to memorize.  Don’t you just love stitch patterns like that?  The yarn is Sunshine Yarns Classic (have you checked out Dani’s new site?) in Olive You.  As always, you can’t go wrong with Sunshine Yarns.

The socks are knit from the cuff down.  The heel flap has a slight variation on the traditional heel stitch pattern, and the cable pattern continues into the foot.  The pattern is written up in 4 sizes, with gauge suggestions to get even more size options!

Currently, the pattern is exclusive to Sock Sniper participants.  I will make it widely available later this fall.  Hope you love it!


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