Nutty Creations

Maybelle Shawlette

Looking for a fun little shawl for this fall?  I may have just the thing!  Something eked out between the piles of secret knitting…

Meet Maybelle.  This shawlette uses two colors of fingering weight yarn.  (You could do it all in one color, but where would be the fun in that?)  I used Miss Babs Yummy for the main color and Miss Babs Yummy Toes for the contrast color.  This was my first time using yarn from Miss Babs, but I can promise you that it will not be the last!  I mean, who could resist?

I am a little addicted to these small shawls that use up a skein or two of fingering weight yarn.  I particularly like this notion of simple garter stitch bordered with something fancy.  It lets me use up those variegated yarns that can be so tricky.

This pattern is worked side to side, with the edging knit on at the end.  It is written up in 2 sizes, the sample shown being the smaller size.

The nice thing is that this project is accessible to the more beginning knitter, but is still fun for the more advanced knitter.  And, I promise, there is no sewing involved!

And a special thanks to one of my super cute nieces for modeling!


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