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Knitting Traditions

Interweave Press publishes a magazine called Piecework.  Piecework itself is a magazine about needle work (knitting, lace, embroidery, etc.) in general with a historical focus.  Along those lines, they publish a couple of special issues each year called Knitting Traditions.  As you might imagine, the focus of these issues is purely knitting in traditional techniques and styles.  Periodically, I do some knitting for Piecework.  It is always an adventure (a fun adventure!) to knit up a project from a vintage pattern.  The instructions are very different from what we knitters are accustomed to today.  So for the latest issue of Knitting Traditions, I was asked to not just knit up a vintage sweater pattern, but to rework the pattern to be more approachable to modern knitters.  The pattern I revisited is the Pucker-Stitch Jumper, and, as you can see, it is the cover project!

PuckerStitchSweaterI wish I had some better pictures to share.  I will need to ask Interweave for some to use!  In the meantime, though, I encourage to run out and pick up this magazine.  It is full of fun and interesting projects and articles!


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