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Happy 7th Anniversary, Loopy Ewe!

Wow!  How is August almost over?  Here I was still making grand plans for things to do this summer, and school starts on me.  Is this what happens as our children get older?  Time disappears?

Anyway, since August is here, that means my friends over at The Loopy Ewe just had another anniversary.  Number 7 to be exact.  That also means that I did another anniversary pattern for them.  This time, though, it is not a sock pattern.  I did a little shawl pattern for this year, and I love it.  Meet the Astral Shawl!


The shawl is knit from the top down in a custom color of Malabrigo Sock.  (You can get it as part of the kit here.)


I think this is a great first shawl project.  The lace patterns are smaller repeats, so it is far less overwhelming.  See?


The instructions include both written instructions and charts, too.  And since the shawl takes just one skein of yarn, it really is a quick knit.


Hope you enjoy knitting this one up, too!



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  1. * Mary C Stella says:

    I purchased one of your patterns “Christening Gown with Dorothy Reade Lace Patterns” from May/June 2011 “Piecework.” I am having a bit of a problem with the first two rows after the beginning five seed stitch rows. The pattern simply says to use the Trellis Lace pattern for 34 rows. My problem is with the first two rows. You initially cast on 67 stitches. The trellis pattern has 35 stitches (2 beginning, 16 pattern [repeated 3 times for the 6-9 mos size, 17 final stitches). The lighter outlining shows starting row 3 the pattern stitches. But they do not extend to Row 1&2. If I make the assumption that I must treat row 1&2 as the following rows and knit stitches 2, repeat the middle 16 three times, then finish with 17 stitches. it indicates a back to back yarn over in the pattern section of 16 stitches. e.g. the first stitch is a yarn over and the last stitch is a yarn over. Is this correct? I have added one knit stitch to each end to allow for my seaming and slipped first stitches so as not to damage the pattern stitches in that process. Hope you can help.

    | Reply Posted 5 years ago

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